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Executive Board

The UNASDG executive board is a group of executives who meet to discuss important issues related to the UNASDG. Members of the executive Board are the Chief Executive Officer, the President and the Vice President. They are acting as decision makers and execute the binding agreements of the UNASDG. Persons with significant Control in the UNASDG are the CEO and the President only. Other Representatives are only allowed to sign official documents on behalf of the UNASDG, if there is a written resolution, signed and reconfirmed by the President.

Honorary Senate

The Honorary Senate consists of honorary members who have been nominated by UNASDG as honorary senators for their special services at the international level. 

Diplomatic Council

The UNASDG Diplomatic Council represents UNASDG at the international level and unites international diplomats and ambassadors, who meet to discuss important issues related to the implementation of the Sustainable Goals at the diplomatic level. Members of the Board are the Executive Director, the Secretary General, and the Deputy Secretary General. 
They act as decision makers of the Diplomatic Council and execute binding agreements concerning UNASDG or member countries at the Diplomatic Level. 
The Diplomatic Council is responsible for establishing the International Diplomatic Missions for Sustainable Development Goals in the countries. 

Ambassador - at - large 

An "Ambassador-at-large" is a person appointed to the UNASDG International Council of Ambassadors. They are not employed by UNASDG, but act as independent advisors, directors or ambassadors to assist UNASDG in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations. They participate in UNASDG policy-making and planning, and regularly monitor developments in their assigned State, region or segment to ensure that all activities are in the best interests of UNASDG, the United Nations and related structures. They represent the UNASDG to States, institutions and other third parties, but are not authorized to sign unless this is explicitly confirmed. They report to the Executive Board and to the Senate.

Executive Board
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