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Dr.  Alexander Jan

International Police Organization Academy (IPOA)

Executive Director

UNIPOL International University (UNIPOL)

Executive Director

UNASDG Intergovernmental Organization

Ambassador for Sustainable Security


UNASDG Security Council

Strategic Partner


Dr Alexander jan (Hany El-Zaher) is CEO and Founder of the International Police Academy Organization (IPOA) and CEO of the UNIPOL International University. He is operative almost worldwide passing on his knowledge and skills to police forces, military forces and civilians.


He is particularly committed to the development and expansion of safe and sustainable structures and cities, which is why he was appointed as a UNASDG Ambassador for Sustainable Security this year 2023.  

Professional Experience

Dr. Alexander Jan's diverse skill set, his position as Executive Director of the International Police Organization Academy, Academic achievements, and extensive professional experience make him an invaluable asset in the fields of security, emergency management, and international cooperation.

- IPOA Executive Director.

- The President of INTERPOL FEDERAL.

- International Police Instructor - officially registered at the FBI Academy's for Law Enforcement (LEEP).

- Executive Director and CEO of the Counter Crime Intelligence Organization (CCIO).

Professional Overview:


Dr. Alexander Jan A.M also known as Hany El Zahar, is a highly qualified and versatile professional with a wealth of knowledge and experience in security, emergency management, international cooperation international policing. Proficient languishes, Dr. Alexander Jan combines linguistic skills with a robust set of high qualifications and certifications.


He has renditioning from being the owner of a private security civilian sector company to an International Policing Expert and Security training research.

Residing in multiple countries across the Middle East, Europe, and more.

-Managing security and consultation companies globally.

-Possesses diplomatic security protections for decision-makers, political personalities, ministers, and embassies worldwide.


Notable individuals for whom he has provided diplomatic security include:

- U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry

- Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi

- Egyptian Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif

- Family members of the President of Egypt

- Libyan Minister of Foreign Affairs

- Family members of the President of Libya and among others.


Undertaking security management responsibilities for:


- U.S. Embassy protection worldwide

- NATO security (the North Atlantic Treaty Organization)

- United Nation protection missions

-Oversight of the Multinational Force and Observers (MFO), an International     peacekeeping force.

- Trains Police, Military personnel, and Civilians in various police academies.

- Many of VIP and celebrities


- Bachelor's degree in Physical Education from the Flemish Community in Belgium

- Master's degree in "Geography of Environmental Risks and Human Security" from the United Nations University in Germany (UNU-EHS)

- Ph.D. in Criminal Justice & Community Policing in the UK

Dr. Alexander Jan also holds various close protection and security certifications and has completed intelligence investigation and security government courses globally, including those from:

- FBI National Academy USA

- United Nations Police

- College of Policing United Kingdom

- Federal Emergency Management Agency USA

- SIA United Kingdom

- America's Cyber Defense Agency

- Counter Terrorism Policing UK

"The owner and manager of an International VIP Bodyguard (IVIPB) Group, with operations in the United Kingdom, Kuwait, Dubai, and Egypt. The company features multiple offices in Europe and the Middle East, along with a network of representatives."


"He serves as the Executive Director and CEO of the International Police Organization Academy - UNIPOL INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY, operating in Europe and the USA. Additionally, Dr. Alexander Jan holds the positions of President at INTERPOL FEDERAL (International Police Federal) United Kingdom and Executive Director and CEO of the Counter Crime Intelligence Organization (CCIO) United Kingdom."


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