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global sustainable investment

UNASDG acts as the lead agency of UNGSII (acting in collaboration with UN Habitat, UNSDSN, UNICEF, UN Academic Impact, WHIS, WHO and other SDG-related partners of excellence), which has shortlisted 25 leading cities and 5 indigenous communities to implement lighthouse projects on all SDGs by 2030 and prove that it is possible. Improvements and lessons learned are presented once a year at the SDG Lab in Davos, as well as at the UN Habitat World Urban Forum and other events.  

UNASDG provides both member advisory and financial support to cities and projects and to all stakeholders to implement the defined projects. The aim is to support UNGSII as well as the 25+5 Cities Leadership Platform to implement the carefully selected projects across the board, especially in the areas of SDG3 (Good Health and Wellbeing), SDG6 (Clean Water & Sanitation), SDG7 (Affordable & Clean Energy), SDG11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities) and SDG13 (Climate Action). 

In this context, UNASDG provides the know-how of international experts from business, banking, project development and politics to achieve the planned goals in an efficient and targeted manner. First-class prime banks as well as trusted investment partners are united in an investment facility and support the UNASDG IGO to implement the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations, which were adopted by 193 heads of government at the General Assembly on September 25, 2015 in New York, USA. 

UNASDG IGO is willing and able to provide financial security to other investors, members and states who are also willing and able to invest in the projects of value and guarantee them the repayment schedules, returns and profits calculated by the developers and verified by financial experts without risk. 

This has many advantages:
Guaranteed repayment of investment/risk capital.
Guaranteed payment of any distributions 
Guaranteed payout of proven calculated profits. 

The goal is for investors to be able to transparently and safely increase returns, currently at a maximum of 6%, up to 20% through sustainable and more efficient process operations, and for sustainable development goals to be successfully achieved.





  • Guaranteed repayment of the investment/risk capital.


  • Guaranteed payment of any dividends 


  • Guaranteed payment of the verified calculated profits

  • Increasing returns from currently max. at up to 6% to up to 20% 

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