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Updated: Sep 6, 2023

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What is the difference between to other conventional technologies?


Even with advanced technology, the conventional search for natural resources and exploration of any kind is time-consuming and expensive.

The used evolutionary new exploration technology is considered a highly efficient supplementary data base for geophysical research.

Depending on the area size and customer’s desired linear density the prospecting time is about 7-30 days, while geologists would need several years for adequate results.

The technology indicates water, minerals and other resources as much as underground anomalies with unrivalled in the market up to 95% accuracy, meanwhile accuracy in conventional exploration methods for reservoirs is estimated only up to 30%.

Water is the most needed resource of all times. But also, several in-ground materials such as minerals, metals, gems, oil and gas, and in addition, underground anomalies of many types can be detected in order to assist an infrastructure construction project.

With a survey for a certain time, it is also possible to detect changes of water occurrence, for example as partly effect of water harvesting of third parties or seasonal differences.

The advantage of the used technology is low cost and high efficiency while providing high flexibility in data achievement.


A first rough analysis will determine the existence and location.

Ability to map any vast deep underground water reservoir and stream, salt and freshwater.

Specific on-site survey method is applied to avoid GPS-shifts (70-85 m) and be more precisely.

Not only the location but also the depth will be precisely spotted.

This type of analysis is the fastest, low cost method to identify sources and materials.

General quality is the non-invasive character of investigation.

This helps to avoid unsuccessful drillings and mining.



Our analysis requires basic information from the client by filling out the „CIS Request Form“ with resource or minerals to be explored and with the coordinates including GPS data of the area to be analysed. With this data we provide a cost estimation for that area and a down payment of 50% is required upon receipt of clients acceptance.


The „CIS Request Form“ will be processed and, in order to avoid any misinterpretation, we first create an image showing the area to be explored, and wait for the client’s confirmation about the correctness of the area.


The final report with all relevant information will be provided within 2-4 weeks, upon receipt of the outstanding balance. The report includes detailed images of the positions and size of one or more deposits, GPS serving for information, approx. depth of deposits with +/- 10-15% accuracy and the advice how to apply the data. Additional time for lager areas is required.

Terms and Conditions

1. The analysis will commence once we have received an official order from the client.

2. The right to the intellectual property remains with us until full payment is received.

3. The client shall fully indemnify us against any liability from third parties arising out of the client’s use of the provided information.

4. We shall not be responsible to ensure that the information provided to us for analysis purposes is in accordance with and does not contravene any Data Protection Laws, Mineral and Mining Regulations, Trade Customs and Practices or any other laws.

5. We do not accept any liability for errors or omissions as a result obtained due to incorrect or incomplete preliminary information being provided by the client.

6. The provided analytical data do not replace additional conventional systems and/or methods or geological practice and should be seen as information assisting a geosciences company.

7. We undertake to ensure that the service is provided with maximum competence and care. Please be so kind to confirm your readiness to proceed and to submit the final confirmation for signing as final order.

Services and opportunities


A selected panel of experts assesses the current situation on the ground and advises on all related issues, adapted to local conditions at all levels.

Support on site during the whole process. Provision of professional service companies for the project as a whole or as supervisor for local companies.

Support of the companies by bringing in required machines or materials

Security services, financing, investments through affiliated financial institutions, holding companies, family offices and credit institutions

Engineers and architects for planning, execution and supervision

Support with all approval processes, registrations and announcements

Reporting through SDG news - portals (online, media, audio, print, literature) if demanded

Support in setting up and expanding administrative and sales structures for products, materials or commodities

Placement of the project in other SDG Hubs or All SDG - areas and regions

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