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UNASDG and Kenya's Kisumu County launched officially the Kisumu Greening Programme.

The county Government of Kisumu in Kenya, in collaboration with the UNASDG IGO, launched after signing the collaboration treaty, officially the Kisumu Greening programme. The Kisumu City Manager Hon. Abala Wanga and Ambassador Hon. Geoffrey OGUNA and Waziri Hongo planted trees at the Kisumu sports ground, after signing the Treaty with the County to build their working relations towards achieving the SDGs.

The programme is an afforestation programme under the UNASDG Carbon credit/offset programme. This initiative is meant to plant 3 million trees in the first mile stone and will be conducted every 10th day of every month.

After the agreed basics are established, the programme will be publicly available. It is expected to start with further indidual programs in Kisumu County in 2023.


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