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Kenya's Kisumu County recognizes UNASDG and signs to jointly achieve the SDGs.

Today UNASDG Ambassador Hon. Geoffrey OGUNA signed a treaty with Kenya's Kisumu County Governor Anyong Nyong'o on behalf of President Senator Pat Meyer.

After extensive preparations by all involved parties in the last weeks, the Treaty was signed to begin the collaboration between UNASDG and the County Government of Kisumu, to support the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Kisumu will submit a comprehensive list of planned SDG projects and programs to UNASDG to discuss necessary implementation measures and prepare related funding through the UNASDG Investment Facility.

Kisumu's next steps are to establish the agreed upon requirements while UNASDG is already preparing all necessary members of the Council of Experts.

The international experts will work together with Kisumu to develop suitable solutions for individual implementation and to examine the possibilities for using the latest innovative technologies in the region.

A first cornerstone of the collaboration will be the planting of 500 seedlings. This will be the first step for the planned reforestation program under the UNASDG carbon credit and offset management program.


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