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UNASDG starts initial steps for Malawi cooperation

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

President Pat Meyer has met Deputy Ambassador Derek Lakudzala and Second political Secretary Rev. Isaac Mazaza to hand over certified documents for the President.

Deputy Ambassador Derek Lakudzala, President Pat Meyer, Rev. Isaac Mazaza Jere

The UNASDG Senate has decided to support the Republic of Malawi achieving the SDGs and nominated Mr. Kush Mittal as Ambassador-at-large for Malawi and local representative. After his accreditation he will be representing the UNASDG in Malawi, to negotiate and to prepare binding steps, to be signed by the Executive Board only.

Before any support takes place, the standards have to be completed between the State and the UNASDG Intergovernmental Organization. Currently there are different international project developers, asking UNASDG to support the implementation of selected projects in Malawi as e.g. the Climate Prosperity Enterprise Solutions LLC, represented by Ambassador (ret.) Richard N. Swett, FAIA, Mr. Michael Rowan and Mrs. Mary Kurek. More information soon....

Ambassador-at-large Hon. Mr. Kush Mittal


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