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Djibouti Sovereign Fund starts Collaboration and signs convention with UNASDG

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

Dr. Slim Feriani (CEO) signed today with Special Ambassador Hanen Benabdeladhim the Convention with UNASDG in Djibouti.

CEO Dr. Slim Feriani, Ambassador Mrs. Hanen Benabdeladhim,

Special Ambassador Hon. Mrs. Hanen Benabdeladhim signed on behalf of the President Senator Patrick Meyer the Convention with Dr. Slim Feriani, Chief Executive Officer of the Djibouti Sovereign Fund. UNASDG and the Djibouti Sovereign Fund are planning a long-term collaboration to support Djibouti in achieving the goals.

Further Agreements with the State are planned to implement the SDG Cities Program with UNGSII and the UN-Habitat.


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