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Puntland State Government prepares next steps with UNASDG to run the SDG programmes

The Puntland State Government held another meeting with the UNASDG Ambassador, Hon. Debay Million, to prepare the next steps to lay the groundwork that will allow UNASDG to start its work on the ground.

It was a very constructive meeting and we are very happy about the confidence shown towards UNASDG.

Participants of the meeting were 1. Honorable Hamid Osmael, Member of Parliament, Ambassador Debay, UNASDG East Africa, Vice President, H. E. Ahmed Elmi Osman, General Mohammed Ali, Mr Mohammed, Commercial advisor to Government of Puntland.

Special Ambassador Hon. Debay Million also met with Deputy Director Yosuf of the State Bank of Puntland to coordinate important details for secure payment channels.


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