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UNASDG joins the UN-Habitat General Assembly in Kenya

UNASDG has participated at the 2nd Session of the United Nations Habitat Assembly in Nairobi, Kenya from June 5- June 7.

Ambassador Geoffrey W. Oguna from UNASDG Kenya Branch met UNGSII CEO & Founder Mr. Roland Schatz and UN-Habitat Inter-Regional Advisor Dyfed Aubrey, responsible for technical policy advice on a broad range of urban issues including forced displacement in cities. He coordinates the global flagship initiative SDG Cities.

They discussed with government representatives different SDG Cities Initiatives and the multiple funding- and security programs with UNASDG and affiliated structures to the UN.

One of the topics has been the 44-cities-initiative in Tunisia, where they met Mr. Ayed Belgacen (Chairman of the General Committee for Sector and Regional Development) and Mr. Nejib Snoussi (General Director of Housing).

UNASDG has provided the draft treaty and related documents to Tunisia for further proceedings.

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