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SDG Conference and award, 07th November in Kronberg, Germany

At halftime of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the United Nations states that the world risks missing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Casals Forum and Schlosshotel Kronberg

In order to achieve the 17 SDGs as agreed by December 2030, it is necessary to overcome silo thinking. Cities play a crucial role in this. They are seen as drivers of sustainable development if they are well planned and managed. To accelerate the achievement of the SDGs, they need inclusive, evidence-based planning, accountable governance with effective, equitable service delivery and access to finance. At this year’s UN Habitat General Assembly, the 36 member states that make up the UN Habitat Executive Board gave the green light to the development and piloting of the SDG City Certification concept. This concept provides guidance and recognition of effective processes to accelerate the SDGs in cities and focuses on implementation and tangible, concrete impacts. UN Habitat, UNGSII, INGLOSUS and Deloitte jointly invite you to the world’s first hearing for this concept on 07.11.2023 at the Kronberg Academy from 14 to 21.30 with a joint dinner at the Schlosshotel Kronberg. Based on your personal expertise, we would be pleased if you could contribute to this hearing.

Panel 1

Moving towards a SDG Certification process for Cities to fasttrack SDG Implementation

• Dyfed Aubrey (Global Head SDG Cities UN Habitat, Nairobi)

• Prof. Reinhold Lang (Universität Linz)

• Monica Palumbo (Partner Deloitte Sustainability Service, Italy)

• Prof. Martin Nkafu Nkemnkia (Vatikan University)

Moderation: Roland Schatz (CEO & Founder, UNGSII Foundation)

Panel 2

Conclusions and the way forward based on the Global SDG Financing Barometer 2023

• Mattia Morara (Senior Manager, Deloitte Financial Services Sustainable Finance, Italy)

Moderation: Hans-Jürgen Walter (Global Head Sustainable Finance, Deloitte)


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