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Puntland State of Somalia signed Treaty with UNASDG for SDG support.

The Puntland State of Somalia recognized the sovereign UNASDG Intergovernmental Organization and signed a Treaty to collaborate in achieving the sustainable development goals jointly .

Hon. Ahmed Elmi Osman, Vice President of Puntland State signed the Treaty with UNASDG, to start the discussed developments in the country.

In the next meetings, UNASDG will discuss the projects which Puntland intents to realize within the SDG framework, to select the necessary experts for the technical support and to prepare the fundings with the UNASDG SMS team (Sustainable Money Supplier).

Special thanks to Ambassador Million and Special Ambassador Tilahun for his appreciated efforts. Many thanks to the Puntland State of Somalia for the trust in UNASDG and its entire team. We are looking forward to a long-term fruitful collaboration.

Welcome to UNASDG.

Yours sincerely,


, President.


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