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Hon. Mr. Yohannes Tilahun is nominated as Director of the new UNASDG Financial-Action-Task-Force

UNASDG nominated Hon. Mr. Yohannes Tilahun as Special Ambassador and Director of the new established Financial Action Task Force, for implementation of the UNASDG globally.

New non-executive Director UNASDG FATF
UNASDG Ambassador Yohannes Tilahun

The FATF is responsible for working with the Diplomatic Council and the Security Council to implement the UNASDG in the various member states of the UN.

Experience clearly shows that it is imperative to explain very carefully the role, objectives and technical procedures related to the cooperation with the UNASDG in order to avoid misunderstandings and to be prepared for the long-term cooperation with the UNASDG and its various departments and associated partners.

Mr. Tilahun is now part of the Action Task Force and will assist UNASDG in expediting the registration process in the cooperating countries, together with Special Ambassador and CEO of the Diplomatic Council Dr. Reuben Egolf from Washington, D.C., USA and Special Ambassador for International Affairs Hon. Rajiv Goel from Delhi, India.

Due to his many years of experience in banking, especially through his work on the Wall Street , among others, we are glad to have found in Mr. Tilahun an experienced and motivated partner as a reinforcement for our team and thus to hopefully reach our goals faster for the benefit of all people in all nations globally.

Welcome at UNASDG Hon. Mr. Tilahun.


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